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London-Based Screenwriter and Filmmaker. Published author in Italy.

I offer Script Reading and Editing services and collaborations for music videos, adverts and films. 

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I’m interested in the exploration of humanity and the beauty of imperfection.

I was born in Milan, Italy – my first home- where I worked as a music reviewer and published two novels at the age of 13 and 18. I briefly studied philosophy at Milan’s local university but dropped out to get involved in writing for film and theatre.

I started wondering what was the most effective way to tell a story, to make it feel and look as alive as possible? My answer to that was film, as a craft that mixes all arts. That’s when I moved to my second home, Dublin, and started my film studies and my first experiences as director, writer and Tv Researcher. 

I’m currently London based and work as a director, production designer, casting director and script editor. My main focus remains writing. 

In life I wish to grow, to make beauty out of sadness and I have hopes that in a more evolved world and civilization, film will be able to change what really doesn’t work in society. And it’s worth fighting for.

Written and Directed

No Follow

Toya Delazy – Music Video

South African star Toya Delazy performs her new demo “No Follow”, trapped in a dungeon, tortured by a group of grotesque animal-masks men in suits, keeping her prisoner. Toya breaks free and fights them, to reveal that behind the mask they are humans and lost just like her. Metaphor of the workaholic London life the video attempts an invitation to remember what life can be when we keep it simple.

Written and Production Designed


Short Film – Black Comedy

Blaise is mature for her age and needs to fulfil her deceased mother’s last wish: spread her ashes from a cliff. Vernon, Blaise’s grandfather, is a stoner and alcoholic whom always ruins everything. On the big day the car breaks down and they need to find another way to complete their task.

Written and Directed

Silver Lining

Short Film – Slice of Life

Silver Lining tells story of Enea, a young man with a dream, a painful past and no penny to his name.The film wants to depict the struggle of migrants abroad, trying to build something out of nothing, working hard, following a dream and learning how to hope. Silver Lining follows the storm in Enea’s life and the quiet right after.


The Last Verse

Black Comedy – Play

The Last Verse is a soliloquy by Vito Turacciolo, a gloomy gravedigger trapped in his living room after an earthquake and tells about his wishes of love, and the subtle difference between life and death. Three ghosts are awaken by Vito’s whispers. After realising they died in the earthquake,the ghosts decide to posses Vito one by one and tell their own stories through him.

Written and Production Designed


Short Film – Silent Narrative

Inspired by “The Toilet of Venus”, painting found at the National Gallery in London. Venus is re-invented and showered in red and blue pop-star-like neon lights. In Venenum (Poison) – Venus is modernised and becomes an online stripper dancing for her avid spectators, as she weights the love for herself tumbling down a spiral of drinking and rejecting the love of others. Beauty sometimes is a heavy burden to carry.